Objects, Food, Rooms

I wanted to do a public blog for a while. Who knew that the simple adage of writing what you know and like would actually end up being true? So here I am, inspired by the sub-title of Gertrude Stein’s book of prose poems (Tender Buttons: Objects, Food, Rooms). I like objects – like buttons, on things or in jars sitting on shelves; and containers for things, to keep me organized; recipe books and comfortable shoes; framed photos and refrigerator magnets from Thailand. I like food – whether it’s a greasy slice of Indian pizza delivered late at night, an iced soy drink, fresh fruit from the farmers’ market. I like rooms – rooms that I inhabit and rooms I visit; strangers homes I glimpse in the evening through their unshuttered windows as I pass by on a streetcar; inspiring abodes printed in a magazine. These are things that I like. The simple things. And I plan on writing about them. None of this is new, plenty of people have talked about these things already, and that’s just fine. Maybe something that I like will be new to someone else, and then they’ll find something new to like. Simple.