I remember the dinner parties my parents would host for their closest friends. As courses went from appetizers to dessert, my eyes would grow heavy with sleep. I would be rushed off to bed, but in my sleepy haze I would still overhear the murmured conversation of the few remaining guests, staying up for a cup of tea with my parents. To me it seemed like a treasured ritual: being awake later than anyone else, not hurrying to do the dishes, talking about everything in the world. Staying for tea wasn’t about the tea: it was about the conversation and the bond.

In some ways, having a personal blog is like inviting all of the internet for a cup of tea and conversation. I don’t have any particular area of expertise. I write about things that interest me, and I would hope they would interest my site visitors. Most of interests are influenced by a heavy dose for nostalgia, both for things I’d experienced and hadn’t. I’m especially interested in art, film, children’s book illustrations, alternative pop culture, travel, historical oddities, and cooking.

I like: puns, cocktails, cooking & baking, sci-fi, NYRB, dogs, good pop music, Criterion DVDs, antiques, history, make-up instructional videos, and learning about new and interesting things.

Please comment on posts! I love it! Or you can e-mail me at tanya at stayfortea dot com.