3 little things

by Tanya

It’s been trying, here. A few other obstacles added to the already challenging course. I’ve been skulking and moping about the house, but also trying to keep busy. Here are three things that are neat, that made me happy in my domesticity:

1. Dorot frozen chopped herbs – got these at TJ’s. These little containers are packed with frozen chopped basil, parsley, or garlic. They’re shaped like ice cube trays, and all you do is take out one cube whenever you need it, and add it to your cooking. The flavor is strong and fresh, and it’s great for someone like me – I buy herbs, but never manage to use up the entire quantity before it goes wilted and brown.

2. LISN incense pack – My boyfriend gave me this a long while ago, and I just found it nestled in my desk drawer. Each incense stick has a silly little name, like “Crystal breeze” or “Sound on wave,” but the scents are pleasant and the little packet is actually the incense holder.

3. NEW CHAIR! I found this chair in the street:

A nice, sturdy rocking chair, but finished with awful upholstery in pukey cream color. So I got some fabrics:

and after weighing the appeal of both patterns, ended up going with the nice green print.

Tada! I’m very satisfied, and I can use the other fabric, as I dubbed it “deco giraffe,” for something else in the future. It was in the discount last chance bin, so well worth the $4. Click here for a close up of how the fabric looks stretched.

The whole process was insanely easy. You just unscrew the seat pad, pull out all the staples holding the fabric over the seat cushion and batting, then use the old fabric piece to cut out the right shape from the new fabric – I would even give an extra inch or so, as you’re cutting. Then pull the fabric over the seat cushion, get your staple gun, and pulling the fabric taut just staple it to the seat frame, making sure to fold and tuck it in at the corners nicely. Then put it back in the chair and screw it back on, and tada.

Total cost = $2.39 for the fabric, plus $14 for the staple gun, which I now want to use for everything, ever.