Food fights: Part 1

by Tanya

Not too long ago, the boyfriend and I saw Daisies. An odd little Czech film from the 60s, it’s worth seeing in its entirety. If Duchamp and fellow dadaists were precocious teenage girls, who read too much Tigerbeat and spoiled their appetites with floury cakes, the result would be this film. (My friend Agent Lover did a fantastic write-up of the movie, having just seen it per my suggestion.)

The film’s finale, a lavish banquet devastated by the girls, as they gorge themselves on delectable jello molds and roasted game centerpieces, culminates in one of the best food fight scenes I’ve ever seen.

And who can complain about the fact that the two main heroines are also adorable and stylish and irritating in the best way possible?

Other food fight scenes worth mentioning:

Popular (TV series)

The Great Race

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