by Tanya


I have a few goals for this website, and the primary is for it to not be so vacant most of the time! Thus, I am going to overhaul this errant blog and give that fresh and well-scrubbed look that I vaguely have in the back of my mind.

What will that entail?
1. Create a front page to serve as the main index/entry point for stayfortea.com, from which a variety of options will be available
2. Embed my Tumblr blog within the website
3. Tag all posts in the food blog & create a recipe index
4. Redesign (eek!) – I may need to ask for help with that one
5. Write more, at least a post a week

So, given all that I want to do, I apologize in advance as things might be a little topsy-turvy over here for the next month or so. For now, have a cuppa and enjoy visiting any of the fine people in my blogroll.